How to Protect Your Teeth Naturally?

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Problems related to teeth can be different and can have various reasons behind it. The biggest consequence you may face is unbearable pain. People face a dental problem when they damage the tooth enamel and as a result, people may feel hot and cold or their teeth hurt when they chew something. The enamel of teeth is something that you cannot regrow. There are some ways that you can strengthen the enamel but to regrow is impossible, so you need to take care of your teeth in your daily life.

Dr Rodney Aziz

Dr. Rodney Aziz – Owner and Principal GP, Family Doctor Pty Ltd

Here are some ways that can help you to maintain your oral health and avoid problems by natural means.

Rinse your mouth more often

Rinsing the mouth more often can save you from so much trouble. When we eat food, some particles of that food get stuck in the teeth and can create problems. Rinsing the mouth after taking meal can remove those particles and make your teeth clean. You can use mouthwash to clean or rinse your mouth too. Make habit of cleaning your teeth twice a day. Once in the morning and second time before going to bed. Also do some flossing occasionally. Having clean mouth can save you from many potential oral threats.

Avoid citrus, alcohol or fruit juices

Having the diet which has a huge amount of acid in it can damage the teeth’s enamel and put your teeth at risk. If you are facing the problems related to teeth, you need to limit the consumption of citric foods. Also, limit the use of alcohol and fruit juices as it can also be harmful to your teeth. Instead of these foods, take other foods which are good for your teeth like milk, water, and others.

Don’t let your mouth dry

Always watch out for your mouth, if you experience dry mouth then it indicates to a medical condition which can cause many other problems. Having a dry mouth means you have low saliva in your mouth. Saliva has different minerals like phosphate and calcium which protect the teeth and if you have low saliva then probably you have high chances of dental problems. To fix the problem of dry mouth you should chew the food really well before swallowing it and also take lots of fluids during the day. The better option to stay hydrated is drink water.

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