Skills a Medical Practitioner Should Have

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General medical practitioners are the one who diagnosed the people with medical problems and work with patients one on one basis. General Medical practitioners mostly work in nonemergency conditions and prescribed the medicine or tests according to the situation. The services of a practitioner largely depend on the skills of the practitioner. If the doctor has the more mature skills and huge experience in the field, there are more chances that patients will get more effective services from the practitioner.

Dr Rodney Aziz

Dr. Rodney Aziz – Owner and Principal GP, Family Doctor Pty Ltd

If you are from the same profession and looking for ways or skills that can make you more professional, here are some of the skills that you can build in your personality to become a more effective medical practitioner.

Communication Skills

The first and foremost important skill that a doctor should have is communication skills. Because in this field, a doctor can know the situation of any patient only when he communicates with him properly and listens to him carefully. In some cases, patients unable to express themselves or their situations which brings the extra responsibility on the doctor that he has to understand the situation somehow in case of treating the patients. Communication is also beneficial for the doctor to talk to other practitioners in the matter of his patients.


Patience is a skill that a medical practitioner should always have. Sometimes the job of a doctor can be very tiring and hard which can make the doctor frustrated and ultimately patients of that doctor can face some consequences by the doctor’s behavior. So the aim is to build more stamina and patience level in yourself. The high patience level will not only make you good as a doctor but also make you a better person in a long run.

Ability to Work under pressure

Ability to work under pressure should be another skill that a doctor must have. Most doctors have long hour’s duty and the work made them tired which affect the behavior of doctor. Constant pressure can be very challenging for a doctor and it can make you frustrated. But to handle the stress and pressure should be the part of your personality as being a doctor. You can manage your stress or pressure by taking short breaks or grab a cup of coffee. Do whatever works for you to handle the pressure.

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